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    Electrolytic Aluminum Project of Yingkou Zhongwang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

    Time:2015-09-27 Click:5063

        Zhongwang Group is a famous Chinese aviation aluminum manufacturer and the world's leading developer and manufacturer of industrial aluminum extrusion, it has the world's leading tilting and casting equipments of aluminum alloy and Asia's largest specialty industrial aluminum mold design and manufacturing center, which mainly produces high value-added industrial aluminum with high precision and large section.

        The scale of electrolytic aluminum project of Yingkou Zhongwang Aluminum Co., Ltd.: With an annual output of 2 × 450,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic series utilize 500kA electrolyzer, each series installs 318 units, the first electrolytic series has seven sets of diode rectifier units, the second electrolytic series has 7 sets of diode rectifiers. Our company has produced 14 sets / 28 units of rectifier cabinet, 28 units of steady flow control cabinet, 2 units of series of master control screen and 2 sets of rectifying automation monitoring system of the ZL-200 position machine for the project.

        Since the cooperation in 2013, our company has provided it with rectifiers of two phases in total, we are the excellent and reliable supplier. The first and second phases utilize diode rectifier devices, now we are planning the project of the late 220 tons of electrolytic aluminum to adapt its primary aluminum production which is required to deep processing.


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